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Threads and Treads
Event Date: Tuesday 21 January 2020
Start Time: 6:00PM

9 Fun Knitting Facts:

1. Knitting is thought to be older than crochet, but younger than weaving. Because knitting does not require looms or large equipment, knitting becomes a valuable technique for nomadic and non-agrarian people.

2. Knitting originated in the Middle East and migrated to Europe via the Mediterranean trade routes. From there, European colonization spread knitting throughout the Americas.

3. Knitted fabrics tend to decay so archaeologists have difficulty determining when knitting first appeared. The oldest known knitting artifact are socks from Egypt from the 11th century.

4. The English word knitting first appears in the 14th century when knitted goods are used daily in many European medieval cities.

5. Our Lady Knitting painted by Tommaso da Modena (circa 1325-1375) and Visit of the Angel by Bertram of Minden (circa 1400-1410) show the Virgin Mary knitting.

6. The knitting machine was invented in 1589 which lead to the creation of a new industry. Hand knitting becomes a non-essential skill and a leisure activity.

7. First knitting pattern book was written in the 17th century.

8. Knitting became a national duty during WWI because trench warfare resulted in a sock shortage. Allied home fronts were encouraged to knit socks for soldiers.

9. British government published a booklet titled Make Do and Mend during WWII to curtail a wool shortage. The booklet encouraged women to unpick unwearable wool


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