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Driver Education, June 2013

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Diablo’s next track events are in September and November and are now available for registration at motorsportreg.com. We will be at Thunderhill Raceway on Thursday September 5th and Mazda Laguna Seca on Tuesday November 26 th Again, we will be doing .our popular pre-event chalk, talk and video sessions for both new and experienced drivers a couple of weeks before each.

Both Diablo events will continue our successful formula of small run groups, limited overall event size, a good lunch and unlimited bottled water for participants on the day, included in the registration fee. We will also do our customary get together and check in the night before.

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Driver Education, May 2013

Mike Roberts“90% of cars I see with bolt-on aftermarket performance parts have their power reduced below factory specs!”...that was the opinion of Kevin at MCE Racing in Thunderhill. He knows, he has the dynamometer readings to prove it!

I mention it because, as we grow our DE program, drivers are asking how they can enhance the capabilities of their cars. It’s not easy. After all, the engineers at Porsche worked to produce a balanced machine. Changing one of the ingredients can upset the whole recipe. If it was really easy to increase power by 20% from a simple bolt-on air intake, then would Porsche not have done it by now?

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Drive Education, April 2013

Driver EducationOur introduction and walk-through session in Walnut Creek on March 2nd, where 30 people attended, was a great indicator of how successful our subsequent visit to the track would be.

We had a fantastic day on March 15th at Thunderhill – beautifully sunny and dry, a great attitude from all drivers, safe and lots of fun! Despite a couple of last minute dropouts, we ended up with the largest car count ever for Diablo at Thunderhill, equaling our turnout at Laguna last year. There were no incidents and no stoppages for tow truck deployment.

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Driver Education Program Review

Drive Education logoThe following information is to familiarize Diablo Region members with the specific elements of our DE Program that makes it unique and different from others.

  • We monitor all driver sign up levels and follow-up personally with those drivers we don’t know
  • We only allow Porsches
  • Appeal to relatively late model carswhich are driven to/from the track
  • Track orientation/training
  • A tech process, for which the driver is responsible
  • A form, which is a legal disclaimerand a signed statement that driver complies with the 30 day rule (car inspected for safety within 30 days of event)
  • "Grid-Tech"
  • We do Parade laps to orient driversto the track and driving conditions
  • Limited event sizeand run groups
  • Relatively conservative passing rulesand protocols
  • Well-coordinated, experienced instructors monitor students, leaders monitor groups, Chief Driving Instructor monitors instructors and group leaders

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Driver Education, February 2013

Mike RobertsOff and running for 2013, our March 15th event is open for registration. Once again, our format will include a classroom session for both new track drivers and experienced, who like to compare notes, pick up tips and share experiences. More to follow very shortly - keep watching the website for further details.

We will be going to Thunderhill again on September 5th, which will guarantee sunny dry weather, plus we have Mazda Laguna Seca on November 26th , which will be immediately after two days of PCA GGR.

This year, deciding to use new technology to help my driving I did two things, I upgraded my latter-day Smartphone for one of today’s genuine smartphones! What a revelation... I can now time laps, overlay satellite GPS data, analyze cornering speeds, split times and simultaneously record the video evidence. All this can be done with mounting the phone to a sucker attached to my windshield. It doesn’t even seem to impact battery life that much... But even if it does,have a phone charger connected anyway. Uploading recordings and data to a website happens automatically and I can calculate, graph and view my driving inconsistencies!

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Driver Education, January 2013

Driver EducationFortunately, we passed the latest ‘end of the world’ day on December 21st without incident, so it means we can now think ahead to 2013...

We have track dates secured; Thunderhill on March 15th and Laguna Seca November 26th, as well as a second potential Thunderhill date on October 29th. It would be terrific if we could do these and more... to build on 2012 with our pre-event briefings, karting and other related activities to enhance the program.

Recently, we pulled together a group of members to discuss the feedback from our driver surveys, their experiences in 2012 and what Diablo DE strategy should be next year and beyond. We continue to see the nucleus of the DE program - the track events - as opportunities for Porsche drivers to experience safe, fast, fun.

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