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Driver Education, October 2013

Mike RobertsOur Diablo track event at Thunderhill on Thursday September 5th was a blast (and so was Derric’s Day with HOD). Turnout was not quite as good as we hoped, probably because the Labor Day vacations and going back to school were in full swing.

However the 43 drivers who did turn out found clear track and a very relaxed day, fantastic weather in the mid-eighties and clear skies.

We would like to thank Michael Stead Porsche for sponsoring the event and providing an excellent lunch, raffle prizes and overall, adding to the fun. Also, David Ray and members of the Hooked on Driving team for providing classroom sessions, safety officer and running grid.

Next stop for us is Laguna Seca on November 26 th – registrations are filling up fast, particularly in the Intermediate Group. Again, we will limit the event to under 60 drivers, maintaining the popular Diablo format.

Before then, we will gather in Walnut Creek at the Civic Center, on Saturday November 9th at 9.30am for our classroom session on driving Laguna Seca.

2014 dates have arrived for Thunderhill – we are planning 2 Fridays, March 21st and September 26th. It will be great to get two Fridays; much easier to escape from work!

Talking about 2014, I have mentioned that I will be passing the baton of the DE Chair role at the end of the year. In fact, as I write this, it is just coming up to my two years. We have created an integrated program, it is fully documented and processes work well. Of course I will be on hand to help whomever takes over with a smooth transition – we don’t want to lose the momentum we have created.

Finally, I would like to thank Adam Cipriano, Kay Maloy, Jeff Urnes, Ken Wu, Tom Davenport and everyone who helped make Thunderhill a resounding success.

Going forward, we NEED more help to sustain and grow the Diablo DE program. Successful track events happen because of the arrangements and contacts prior to the day, talking to fellow drivers, getting the message out, rallying our instructors. On the day is the easy part.

We are 100% volunteers, giving our time to provide a great experience for our members. Please take your turn in contributing time to sustaining our PCA Diablo programs. Sharing the load makes it easier for us all. I will be bringing members together to discuss Laguna Seca and coordinate the arrangements. If you would like to lend a hand, please let me know. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have a great month...

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