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Drive Education, April 2013

Driver EducationOur introduction and walk-through session in Walnut Creek on March 2nd, where 30 people attended, was a great indicator of how successful our subsequent visit to the track would be.

We had a fantastic day on March 15th at Thunderhill – beautifully sunny and dry, a great attitude from all drivers, safe and lots of fun! Despite a couple of last minute dropouts, we ended up with the largest car count ever for Diablo at Thunderhill, equaling our turnout at Laguna last year. There were no incidents and no stoppages for tow truck deployment.

As usual, Kay Maloy did a magnificent job of preparing the materials and organization, both the night before, (when we had a great get together with 30 people in the Mexican restaurant in Willows), and on the day. Mike McDonald did a great job of helping with final details and preparation, plus coordinating our instructor team at the track. Adam Cipriano’s help with registration and leading the grid-tech team on the day made for a smooth run up and start. Thanks for leading the parade laps Ed!

All together, the annual program is becoming a true team effort we can be very proud of as a Region. From classroom, to pre-event dinner, to the day itself, it’s a unique approach which continues to attract enthusiastic Porsche drivers to Diablo Region, or bring out existing yet previously inactive members. PCA members from Portland to Fresno to Los Angeles are hearing about the good things we do and coming out to join us.

David Ray and the Hooked On Driving team played a key role in making the event run smoothly, not only that, they also helped us provide classroom downloads and jumped in the right seat when they could which enabled us to offer instruction for higher than Beginner group. Their help was critical – there is a big difference between the 35 person events we used to have, and the 60 drivers we now attract. (At the track, I believe we had over 70 for lunch).

Livermore Porsche brought a trio of new cars to display, including the new 4S. They provided a great lunch and raffle prizes which went over really well. I took Kevin out for a session (he was driving) and also took Manni out for a few laps in my car.

GotBlueMilk photography once again provided excellent photographic memories of the day and Vision Wells video services offered great quality edited videos, taken simultaneously from several angles with full telemetry, outside or inside the car.

Finally, I am delighted to say that the event was a financial success too. This is the second Diablo event in succession which has cost the club nothing. I still hear some Diablo members saying that ‘DE loses a lot of money’. Not only was this a misconception last year because we came in under the agreed annual budget, it’s definitely a misconception now. We may not always be in the black for an individual event, but the annual program, I predict, will come in under budget again this year.

Next stop is Thunderhill again on September 5th, a great time of year and guaranteed good weather, followed by Laguna Seca on November 26th. However, I get the feeling we will be doing something else soon, so stay tuned.

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