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Driver Education, January 2014

Driver EducationAs we leap into 2014, there are many DE enthusiasts with vivid memories of their driving experiences from 2013 still running through their minds, perhaps even popping up during dream time. Well, watch for announcements to be hitting your emails soon because there is a Thunderhill Track Day coming up in March. It should be up on Motorsportreg.com soon. [Friday, March 21st. click here to register online. --Steve.]

The date for the DE 101/102 will be announced soon along with information regarding track inspections. As details get finalized, we will be sure to pass them along to you.

As you know, we are still searching for a DE Chair and we are very close to filling the position. We always need volunteers to help with the day’s activities, so let Adam Cipriano, our DE Registrar, know if you are interested in helping.

Thanks again to Mike Roberts for setting the blueprint for Diablo’s DE Program.

Driver Education, December 2013

Mike RobertsDriver Education – What Porsche calls High Performance Driving Experience. [Offered through their Sport Driving School. --S.]

We just completed a great year with a visit to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, on November 26th. The event was a sell-out, but we ended up accommodating all but a couple of drivers. The weather was perfect; sunny and warm – it doesn’t get much better in Monterey in November.

I must admit the day began with a slight panic, when I was called over to talk with the Track Supervisor who pulled me out after the drivers’ meeting and insisted I go over to their offices – turned out our check to pay for the event was made out to the wrong payee... totally my fault but they could have caught it earlier and been less dramatic about the need to correct it before the day began!

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Driver Education, November 2013

Driver EducationMike has been traveling and unable to get any free time, so he has asked that I make sure you are reminded of some important dates in November for the DE Program.

  • The DE Program day at Mazda Raceway Laguna Sec has been sold out in all driving categories, with wait lists. There are still garages available. Check on motorsportreg.com.
  • November 9th is the DE 101/201 meeting specifically designed for the Laguna Seca Raceway. Reviewing the turns of the track on the video and sharing information with those who have driven this track previously is beneficial to all in attendance, both experienced and new drivers.

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Driver Education, October 2013

Mike RobertsOur Diablo track event at Thunderhill on Thursday September 5th was a blast (and so was Derric’s Day with HOD). Turnout was not quite as good as we hoped, probably because the Labor Day vacations and going back to school were in full swing.

However the 43 drivers who did turn out found clear track and a very relaxed day, fantastic weather in the mid-eighties and clear skies.

We would like to thank Michael Stead Porsche for sponsoring the event and providing an excellent lunch, raffle prizes and overall, adding to the fun. Also, David Ray and members of the Hooked on Driving team for providing classroom sessions, safety officer and running grid.

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Driver Education, August 2013

Driver EducationFirst off, a slight change – the next DE 101/201 is now on August 21st at 6.30pm in Walnut Creek at the Community Center Lounge, 1375 Civic Drive in preparation for Thunderhill on 9/5. [Or sign up for the event here.]

We will begin with an overview for those new to the track experience. Then, using track maps and video, we’ll walkthrough some laps, providing commentary for experienced drivers too. Of course, we’ll also get pizza shipped in to sustain us through the evening!

Come out, join us – and share your experience and meet the Diablo DE team. There will be a number of our Instructors attending to answer questions and we will help you get the most out of your track days.

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Driver Education, July 2013

Mike Roberts

Wow, July already! No worries, there are even more Diablo events in the second half of 2013.

This month (July 27th), Jeff Urnes and Ed Won will take us on a visit to The Racers Group. A tour to this nationally famous racing team it should be interesting stuff. See the Goodie Store for sign up details. [Or use the "Event Reg" button on the left side of this page.]

August 21st (please note the date change, time is still 6.30pm in Walnut Creek – venue TBC), we begin the countdown to our next track day with our acclaimed DE101/201 presentation. Come join us to hear advice and tips from the Diablo DE team and Instructors (no sign up needed).

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